How I Am a Timelord (And So Can You!)

11 Jan

No, unfortunately it’s not because I have an old fob watch I peculiarly never open. And it’s not because I’ve finally moved into the realm of certifiable insanity. Well it could be that, but I guess what I’m really getting at, the real reason I’m a Timelord, and so can you, is this:


Bam. Two hearts.

It took me a while to realize exactly how I wanted to present this metaphor and what it really means to me, but I kept stewing with it, because the idea of having two hearts has been basically stalking me. It first stems from my obsession with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and its impending artwork and devotion and utter amazingness, which is pierced and never dying, tortured and never faltering, burning and never consumed, with Love for us. In my spiritual life I have come to realize just how much I long to be close to that Heart, how much I would rather have it be the heart in my chest than my own. I’ve also realized how He has already promised me this:

“A new heart I will give you, and a new spirit I will put within you; and I will take out of your flesh the heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.”  (Ezekiel 36:26)


So the first way the metaphor works is this: He gives me His Heart as well. He has promised me communion with it and it comes to me physically in the Eucharist. When you receive Communion, you quite literally have two hearts in your chest, two presences in your very self. Both wholly physical and actual.

Hence, Timelord. Two hearts. His and mine.



I kept thinking about it. It kept nagging at me. Am I a Timelord all the time, or just in the fifteen minutes after Communion that I am genuinely holding Infinity within me? There still seemed to be something I was missing, some way in which I got to be a Timelord all the time, without having to be institutionalized for delusional behavior.

And as I recently renewed my Total Consecration to the Jesus through Mary on December 8th, it hit me.


It’s hers. Hers is my other heart. The Immaculate Heart of Mary is a much gentler, more patient devotion. She will never force herself upon you, but instead waits in humility to lead you to her Son. Her heart, full of Mercy is the other gift that He gives us, if we will take it.

Hence, Timelord. Two Hearts. His and Hers.

This aspect of the metaphor is more spiritual and abstract than the first. The first is simply an observation about the freaky and enchanting fact that when you receive the Eucharist, you’re two and one at once, the Heart of our Lord genuinely existing in the same cavity as your physical heart. This second way of being a Timelord is much more constant, and more difficult. Because this second way you must work at.

What’s beautiful about being a Timelord? Why would a person even want to be one, you ask? Besides the obvious fashion benefits (bowties, suspenders, fezzes, Stetsons, trench coats, converse, leather jacket, glasses, etc), there lies in the Timelord the actuality of greatness, the potential to be splendid, to be merciful, to be hilarious, to be wonderful, to be compassionate and interesting and brilliant and totally yourself. But we normal humans cannot achieve this by ourselves. What it takes is realizing that your only power, the only ability you have to love others as they deserve, to be as wonderful as you deserve, to accomplish what the world deserves, lies not in your own self and heart, but in the hearts of Christ the King and the Queen of Heaven.

In other words, the benefits of trading in your own stony heart- that is, your own fixation with relying wholly on yourself- and instead throwing yourself fully into knowing and serving and loving the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, are immense. You will become a Timelord. When you pray for communion with the Hearts, asking continually and earnestly, you will learn to be yourself better, to see the world better, to love others better, and to be more joyful, more content, and more courageous.


Sorry this is the most visually annoying gif ever. I couldn’t resist.

Devotion to the Hearts is your fob watch. 

Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. You know you want to.


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